"Appreciation” is a Talent

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We all as humans have great abilities, strength, things which we can do superbly. There are a lot of things like someone being an amazing cook, a wonderful teacher, writer, poet, gardener, speaker, artist, blogger, math solver, singer, cubist, and many more.

When I start doing something and feel like being nice on it I always wish to get some appreciation for my work. I believe that we all have that desire to get some recognition for what we have put our efforts into. It is just so natural to think like that. Appreciation provides satisfaction, happiness, and encouragement for doing better.

When we start doing something new, we hope to get some appreciation for our good work. Sometimes we do get appreciated but sometimes we don’t. When we don’t get appreciated or when our work get ignored, we start doubting our capabilities and decisions.

We should not let our talent die just because our work is not getting enough appreciation. Instead, we should appreciate ourselves for our hard work. But sometimes external influence is so strong that our inner being also starts to doubt ourselves.

Why appreciation matters

Appreciation is like a booster to do more good work.

Working in an organization where there is no value to our work, having a rude boss who is very brutal in talk or an organization with an appreciating boss, makes a lot of difference in the working efficiency of workers, which also impacts the whole organization.

Why some people are reluctant to appreciate others?

There are many reasons for it. Some of them which I have noticed are:

  1. Jealousy
    I have seen many people who don’t like appreciation of people around them. They can’t stop a person from getting popularity and feel jealous of them as they can’t do that.
    So the first reason for not appreciating good work is being jealous of someone.
    I have so many real-life small examples
    Ist example is my mother. She is such a nice teacher besides that an amazing artist. My mother’s students love her a lot because she is a friendly teacher but if I talk about some relatives they just try to prove her talent is a waste. She had never said that to me but I have noticed that.
    People try to pull you down by saying that your work is a waste. This is stressful. But what I learn through my mother is that do what you love to do and focus on the positives you get. She likes to teach and a few negative comments do not stop her to do that.

2 Self-important people will never appreciate

Some people are very self-important and they are always busy to prove that. One such person whom I know is my aunt. She never appreciates anything except the things or people that belong to her.

Once when I was a kid I made a sketch and showed it to everyone who all appreciated me as it was nice. But my aunt said “It’s not that much nice and my “neighbor” makes a much better sketch than this.

Even if I show her my newly brought dress or something else, she calls it overrated or disgusting each time and claims that if she would be there she would bring much more nice clothes. And also she brought the same type of clothes afterward.

As I know her now I don’t get bothered. Infect I found her funny now.

3 Pretenders who pretend that they can do everything but they just do one thing that’s pretending

I being a left-handed person always have the curiosity, to write with my right hand. When I was just passed my 12th exam I have practiced it for a month or two and I learned the skill to write using my right hand.

My speed to write using my right hand was much more slow but the writing was far better and readable. When I showed my new achievement to my then friends one of my friend said that their is nothing extraordinary in this as if We will practice we can also do this. You did this just because you tried if we will try we would also be able to do that.

I know there was nothing wrong with her statement but I don’t think it was required to show this information that everyone can do everything as I haven’t said that they can’t do that. I was hurt that she doesn’t find it a good achievement and also stopped writing with my right hand that’s why the improvement become static.

I have seen many pretenders speaking rubbish.

These type of people are so refusing to say “nice work”, “good job”, “wow”, instead they put the statement like-

The statements like “If I would have tried I would have done better”.

It’s easy as you know “tricks” to do this if I know the “tricks” I can do it much better than you.

I sometimes feel a struggler’s life is like a YouTube video. There are many similarities between the two.

If we see a YouTube video there are some likes (by aesthetic people ), some dislikes( by haters), some positive comments( by positive and aesthetic people), and some negative comments( by discouraging people).

Similarly our work get responses which includes likes, dislikes, positive and negative feedback.

Just as a YouTube video gets all types of judgments so is our life. We see people around who will appreciate, some who discourages, some being neutral.

So it is worth to appreciate our own work and to continue moving on path that we choose without taking care of the world around. We are not born to stop because of comments that are put on us. We are born to try, fall, stand again and shine throughout our journey.

Why we should appreciate others

By appreciating others we make them happy and motivate them to do better. By appreciating good things we also feel good from the inside. I think only a person with some skills can appreciate others' work. To recognize someone’s efforts one should know about the efforts that are required to build something. So if we like to be appreciated we should appreciate others.




Love to put thoughts in words.

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Love to put thoughts in words.

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