Siblings are blessing

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When I was a kid I hated my elder sister. We fought a lot. I thought her to be a monster as she used to beat me for little things. We were like enemies forced to live in the same place together. But when we grew up together, we learned that our only enemy whom we love were us as sisters.

She used to beat me for no reason and I always rat out about her. I always disclose her marks to our mother which she wanted to hide.

But the bond we have was strong from our childhood. She made me cry and I too but doesn’t let anyone else do so. My elder sister is my inspiration and she is my idol. She is such a kind-hearted person that she always forgives people with just one “sorry” including me.😘

I am lucky that on one side I have an elder sister to protect me and on another side, I have my younger sister and brother who are my best friends and motivators.

They always had a trust that what I want, I will achieve even when I feel like impossible at some times of my journey to do that. But when I ask any of them “Do you think that I have the caliber to do this, they always say, “It’s too easy for you it’s just you don’t realize that".

All of us with smaller siblings can relate to the faith they had in us.

Whenever I hear this statement, I feel motivated.

Photo by Andriyko Podilnyk on Unsplash

Family is strength and a full package of love. Sometimes I get crazy on my younger sister and brother for their activities, like creating a disturbance when I am doing work, laughing at me when I am angry especially on my face. They also laugh at my crying face, they find me looking too funny when I cry or shout. But these are the cute things that I miss when I am not with them for some days. I feel lucky that I have three super cute monsters in my life and I love the fights, laughter, and care that we share. The child within us always remains alive because of siblings. It is the strongest relation No other relation or person can take place which siblings have in an individual’s life.




Love to put thoughts in words.

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Love to put thoughts in words.

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